1. Long Decay and New Earth
    Jiyeon Kim

  2. Within the Beyond
    Not Now

  3. Cast-Offerings: Visitations, Fetches, Revenants
    Peter Hope-Evans

  4. Two Devotional Songs For Spacemen 3 In The Style Of Love Inc.
    Jay Glass Dubs

  5. Focal Music #3, #4, #5a, #5b
    Mark Fell

  6. Anzar
    Marta De Pascalis

  7. Emma Hauck’s Letters
    Television Set

  8. Still On Hawaiian Time
    Biting Tongues

  9. Two Warhol’s Worth
    Dale Cornish & Phil Julian

  10. Aeroforms
    Paul H Williams

  11. Rotation
    Lary Seven

  12. Birdsongs
    Sharon Gal

  13. Something Special
    Entr’acte and The Tapeworm

  14. Transfixed
    Robert Curgenven

  15. Univorm
    Thomas Mahmoud

  16. Sabina
    Acid Fountain

  17. Outside Broadcast
    Graham Dowdall

  18. Schamprozessionen
    Michael Muennech

  19. Redundant/Rotary/Rotations
    Wouter van Veldhoven

  20. Speakeasy
    Amy Winedeath

  21. Left Behind
    John Macedo

  22. XNOTNL

  23. Fleshpile Thematic
    Dale Cornish

  24. A Hopeless Place

  25. Vodou / Rara
    Achim Mohné

  26. Cuckoo Head Cool Dog

  27. Laurisilva
    Laura Agnusdei

  28. Scaffold Eyes
    Armin Lorenz Gerold

  29. Laughing Out
    Dale Cornish and Phil Julian

  30. Her Core / Hard Core
    Marta De Pascalis / Howlround

  31. Presets – Digital Shortcuts to Sound
    Stefan Goldmann

  32. Fallen To Earth
    Paul H Williams

  33. The Swifter
    The Swifter

  34. GPS Poetics
    Blood Music

  35. A Celebration of the LIZard Queen

  36. Live at The Backstreet
    Wild Daughter

  37. Infinite Vice
    Jon Wesseltoft / Balázs Pándi

  38. Day/Night

  39. Royal Hex

  40. Second Saturation
    Kostis Kilymis

  41. Infinite Hum
    Where Is This

  42. SY-4
    Hanno Leichtmann

  43. Unfinished Portrait Of Youth Today
    Hanno Leichtmann

  44. The Wrong Answer Became Right

  45. Speakeasy
    Amy Winedeath

  46. The 7th Synphonie of the Seven Swevens
    Dr. Fleischbrittel

  47. Saliva Calda
    Le Forbici di Manitù

  48. Modern English Folklore Vol.1: Hackney
    drcarlsonalbion and the Hackney Lass

  49. Modern English Folklore Vol.1: Remixes
    drcarlsonalbion and the Hackney Lass

  50. Stiller Tag / Stille Nacht


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