The 7th Synphonie of the Seven Swevens

by Dr. Fleischbrittel

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Track listing:

A: 777 (Mix 2)
B: 777 (Mix 3)

Andrew Lagowski has been making and recording electronic music since 1982 and before that was a drummer in a new wave band. Since 1987 he has released over 25 albums and ten 12" singles and continues to release on various labels Worldwide. Projects include Nagamatzu (co-founder, guitarist, programmer, engineer), Lustmord as engineer / programmer (e/p), Terror Against Terror (e/p), Isolrubin B.K. (e/p), Legion, S.E.T.I. (the one with the d.o.t.s.) and Lagowski. He has also been a synthesizer programmer for Yamaha R&D in London and continues to have work featured in film and television through licensing deals.

Andrew Lagowski writes: “The 7th Synphonie of the Seven Swevens a.k.a. 777 by Dr. Fleischbrittel was recorded direct to cassette on 29th and 30th May 1983 at IP1 3PG, Ipswich. The project was realised as a means of escape from the band mentality that I was part of at that time. It offered me the chance to free-form in more ways than one and express my more demonic leanings - those of a frustrated teenager recording in whichever bedroom had the space for the equipment. Unbeknownst to them, my parents were sonic partners in this exploit.” Andrew Lagowski, London, 17 April 2011.


released July 4, 2011

Power drill and spade by Ryszard Lagowski. Vocals by Dr. Fleischbrittel and family. Reworked & edited on 6th March 2011 by Andrew Lagowski. Illustration by SavX.



The Tapeworm London, UK

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